My journey at MeetConor in a nutshell

About MeetConor

MeetConor was the digital best friend for founders. Aimed at supporting entrepreneurs in their startup journey, MeetConor has supported numerous entrepreneurs in various industries to go from an idea to an established business faster and more efficiently.

This company is no longer active.

My responsibilities

- Overall management
- Product development
- Website design
- Development of digital strategy, including social media strategy, online branding and competitor analysis
- Digital storytelling on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook
- Development of personal branding strategy of founding team on LinkedIn
- Event management
- Responsible for partnerships with stakeholders

Achieved results

- Achieved numerous clients in Belgium and abroad
- Increase of brand awareness and online visibility
- Supported numerous clients in various industries
- Increase in website traffic
- Increase in online lead generation, mainly through social media marketing
- Increase in social media following

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